Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes. To choose your destination click "Add to Cart" ---> "View Cart" ---> Enter your city and country

Where do you ship from?

I ship either from Switzerland (and sometimes France and Germany but due to the current state, all items ship from Switzerland).

Which payment methods are accepted?

We currently accept Paypal and credit card payments. If you'd like to pay by direct transfer please e-mail me at vmokphotoshop@gmail.com

How do I use a promo code?

You can submit your prom code at checkout: click "Add to Cart" ---> "View Cart" ---> "Enter a promo code"

How often do you ship items?

Usually once a week, except if I am away.

Why may shipping sometimes take longer?

I am primarily a photographer and need to travel often. I will try to send items as quick as possible but shipping time may occasionally differ depending on my availability.
Items ship between 2-14 days.
Occasionally I may have to be away for longer, and I will let you know in case of delay for shipping.

Are returns accepted?

Returns are not accepted, but I do my best to give an accurate description as well as clear product images.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions about a product: vmokphotoshop@gmail.com

Do you also sell other photography related products other than clothes and accessories in the shop?

I am working on new digital and printed content which will be up in the store soon.

Meanwhile you may purchase my sets of postcards HERE.

How can I view all available products in the shop?

To browse all available products click on the main menu icon on the upper right side of the site and choose "ALL PRODUCTS". To browse by garment type choose"CATEGORIES" and select your product category. Click "COLLECTION" or "COLLECTION2" to shop by collection/theme.

Do you sell directly through your Instagram account?

Purchasing directly through Instagram is currently not available.

Are your clothes available in different sizes or colors?

All items are unique pieces and only come in one available size/color except for some rare items that are available in more than one color or size.

What era are the clothes from?

The era of clothes in the shop range from Victorian (pre-1900) till today.

Where are the clothes sourced from?

I have always been passionate about vintage clothing. The clothes available in this shop have been sourced throughout the years, since I started photography. I have found them during my travels or at flea markets, on the internet, and have made some of them myself. These clothes have mainly been sourced to style my photographic works, plus some additional more wearable pieces that have been sourced purposely for the shop.

Do you lend your clothes for photo shootings?

Unfortunately, I do not lend my clothes for photo sessions.